Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About This?
This is a picture of a needle threader for large-eyed needles, showing how you can thread even six-strand metallic floss without swearing.  Discovering this device in a package that illustrated its proper use brought me back to embroidery.  I love to create with thread, but the rayons, metallics, and acrylics almost defeated me.  Yes, my eyes are getting older, but this needle threader is a wonder for any age.  You can actually concentrate on the embroidery without dreading the next time you have to thread a needle.

Finally, needlecraft manufacturers are getting the hint that people who want to do needlecraft didn't learn how to do it from their mothers.  I took four years of home economics, and needle threaders - even the cheap looking kind for sewing needles - were never mentioned.  (Those cheap little sewing needle threaders that look like gimcrack junk actually do work - even on sewing machines.)

Armed with my new needle threader, I'm ready to handle any type of thread or yarn that can be threaded through a needle.  I can't believe it's so easy!  Needle threaders like this one are available at 

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