Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dido & Aeneas as Cats
This painting is on the lid of a hinged wooden box I've just painted for the silent auction at Jackson Day, the Tennessee Democratic Party's fundraiser.  I enjoy donating to silent auctions; it helps a cause and is a great visibility tool.

I paint wood and paper mache boxes because people are more likely to buy an object that is useful as well as ornamental.  If nothing else, they're great gifts for the person who's got everything!  I have used paper mache boxes to make an ordinary but useful wedding gift special.  The box is both wrapping and part of the gift.  Wooden boxes can be used for almost anything.  When you have a sturdy, hinged box, you can even paint a picture on the inside of the lid.  I have always enjoyed the surprise of opening a box and finding another picture, and my customers seem to enjoy it as well.

On this 8" x 6" x 5" box, I had 6 paintable surfaces.  I can't stand blank space!  I painted four scenes of classical antiquity and two 1920s furnishings advertisements,  Variety and color make for an amusing piece. 

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