Thursday, March 1, 2012

This is the header for my online store,  I sell painting, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and sewing supplies along with my own painting on paper mache and wooden articles and on shells.  Come along and visit!

Right now, my main interest is in something I just learned about a couple of months ago.  I've always done various kinds of fabric crafts, but I didn't know that you can buy cotton yarn and knit or crochet your own dish rags.  They're just like the dish rags I knew as a child (I'm 66.), and maybe even better!  No manufacturer makes anything of this quality, which can pick up spills, scrub your pots, clean your counter, and wipe down your microwave.  You can wring it out and put it in the washer.  If you recycle cans, as I do, you can even wash them out without cutting yourself!

I was so excited about this I got six balls of lovely cotton yarn to sell to crafters and will be getting more as needed.  Manufacturers think it's not cost-effective to create a good dish rag, but that's no reason to do without!  You can make dish rags with plain crocheting or knitting, no pattern needed.  After all, do you want fancy to do the dishes?

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