Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Create?
And why have I opened a web-based store for my creations and supplies you could pick up in any large town?  For one thing, if you want to sell something, you need to know a lot about it..  Hand crafting has been my joy and relaxation most of my life, so I decided to share.  Also, I think right now we humans need the crafting experience.

You hear a lot of talk about how the US has become a society of consumers - that's the way we define ourselves.  There's a lot of truth in that, and it's really unfortunate.  We're loosing our sense of individual achievement. 

Most people realize that children need to experience individual achievement.  That's why many stores and many recreational programs for children include crafting experiences.  The feeling of achievement is one of the needs of a healthy person.  So why do we forget about it as adults?

The fortunate among us have gainful employment - but there's no sense of achievement with it.  You do part of the job, the next guy does part, then it goes to the next department.  Seldom can you say 'I made this', or feel the satisfaction that brings.  That's why many men work on cars as a hobby.  "See that car running?  I fixed it up!"  Computer geeks spend hours at home rebuilding hard drives or solving similar problems.  "See?  I made it run!"

This is the joy of hand crafting.  Once women had to learn fabric crafts; it was their livelihood, or they had to make the family's clothes.  Some have always found a way to make necessity a creative outlet; we still celebrate their work today.

Now our uncertain economy calls us to be creative with necessity.  Knit a dishrag so you'll have a nice one.  Crochet potholders for your family and friends.  Sew, crochet, and knit for your church or charities.  You, too, can have the joy of achievement - can say 'I made that!'.  Stretch your budget by being a producer rather than a consumer.  Discover abilities you never knew you had!

At Peaypatch, I'm starting with modest, low end craft items to help beginners.  I will be adding to my inventory as I myself learn more, and I'll be blogging about my progress.  Contact me with your questions and suggestions at

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