Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Bathmat
I couldn't resist the soft, chunky Deborah Norville yarn I found in a sale bin at Joann's.  The muted lavender, blue, and white shades of the yarn billed as "puppy dog tails" were simply impossible to pass up.  This is a washable acrylic yarn, so I started to crochet a potholder.  Then I decided it was too warm, soft, and alluring to be somebody's potholder.  I would make a small bathmat that would fit my small bathroom.

The 20" x 12" bathmat took one and a half balls of yarn; you would need two full balls for people with large feet.  It does not slip when you step out on it, and it feels like clouds under your feet!  It stores easily, hanging to dry out on the shower curtain rail.  

To make this, I chained 60 using a US 16 crochet hook.  Then I worked it using simple single crochet.  For things like bath mats, you really don't need anything fancy.  What you want is a soft, chunky yarn that feels good.  Stepping out of the tub onto a soft cloud makes you feel good, too!

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