Monday, March 12, 2012

Pencil Pillows for Hand Health
These unassuming jelly pencil pillows are readily available at Office Depot, but I've put them in my inventory at because you might not notice them in a big store.  And they can be important - especially for older people like myself.

I spent most of my 40-year business career working in loss prevention and engineering for a large insurance firm.  We were forever sending out leaflets about various kinds of available safety gear.  One area of great interest was Repetitive Motion; most folks have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome.  These little pencil pillows are great for an aging artist.

I started taking hand health personally after suffering a stroke in 1994.  The stroke affected my right side, and for a while I lost the use of my right hand.  Getting it back was my only goal.  Thanks to good therapy and some acquaintance with tai chi I was able after several months to draw again.  After that, I took special note of anything I found at work about hand health.

The main thing a home artist or crafter needs to minimize is pinch grip - holding something tightly between index finger and thumb.  A soft grip like the pencil pillow prevents stress.  I am also featuring soft-grip paint brushes.  Save your hard grip for when you really need it, like with needles.

The fingerless stress gloves sold in most craft stores are a great help, and you can also use them to good effect working on your computer.  There are even sturdier, reinforced gloves that are especially kind to old hands.  You can even find ergonomic wheel covers for your steering wheel.  I love mine.

Look around for products that are good for your hands.  Remember, there's a hard way and a soft way.

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