Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventures in Knitting
The picture above is one of my first knitted dishrags, currently on sale at ebay.  Not much to look at, eh?  Well, when you want to do those pesky dishes, looks don't matter.

I learned to knit in high school home economics, where I successfully made a sweater.  Later, I followed another pattern well enough to make a shoulder cape, but I found both experiences rather frustrating.  You see, even after being blocked, my garments looked like they had been made for squirrels.  I decided to stick to sewing and embroidery instead.  Then, years later, my son asked me to knit him a Dr. Who scarf, and I managed that.

I've always found plain knitting, or using a knitting board, a soothing, practical way to use your time at the laundromat or while talking to friends.  This is knitting without a pattern, of course, so I could only do flat things.  You can only make so many mufflers before your family and friends are completely outfitted.  Then I found out about the dishrags and dish towels.

EVERYBODY needs dishrags and dishtowels, and you can even use the same skills for place mats and bath mats, if you're so inclined.  The dishrag above is done in the simple seed stitch pattern - knit one, then purl one.  If you have an even number of stitches, you'll need to alternate between starting with a knit and starting with a purl.

I even put my knitting in the service of my political interests.  I'm involved in trying to repeal the Tennessee Voter ID law, and we try to wear yellow to rallies.  What did I have that was yellow?  I remembered some El Cheapo yellow acrylic yarn I had left over from my son's Dr. Who project.  There was enough left to make an attractive tie!

You can use knitting to serve your interests, too!

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