Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crocheted Acrylic Yarn Potholder
Acrylic and acrylic-blend yarns are extremely attractive and generally a little cheaper per pound than cotton yarn.  Most of them will machine wash, though you have to check each yarn band for specific instructions.  They can't, however, be expected to work as dish cloths or dish towels.  What they are great for  that you can make easily is potholders.

I made this potholder using instructions from  the video below:
These instructional videos are a real life saver for a beginner like me.  I was amazed at how many you can find on YouTube.  By all means take advantage of this marvelous resource.

I did, however, make some practical modifications.  Holding two separate strands of yarn under a hook is frustrating and time consuming; I spent a lot of time taking out and redoing bad stitches.  Then I bought myself a US 16 crochet hook.  That  made the job easy.  I also chained 30 stitches instead of 20 as suggested in the video.  My own personal measure for a potholder (or anything else useful) is that it has to be bigger than my hand and handle naturally.

For this potholder, I used one variegated yarn and one black yarn I had bought on sale.  If you use the chunky yarns, you can make a useful potholder from only one yarn.  The principle criterion here is that the hand be protected from burns.

These are easy and make great gifts.

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