Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hollywood in Winter
Yes, this cat's name is Hollywood, and this is where you will find him every day during cold weather.  He enjoys his warmth and is convinced that this spot on the bed is his. Other cats can curl up on top of the cover; he gets under.

Hollywood came into my life around 2005, when as an eight-ounce kitten he wandered into my son's basement.  Of course, my son immediately zipped the little kitten into his jacket and brought him to me.  I took him for a check-up the next day, screaming all the way as only kittens can scream.  He proved to be healthy and also knew how to lap, so the vet showed me how to make kitten soup by watering down canned food.  So I kept him in my bedroom away from my adult cats, and he decided I was his mommy.  He would  even drink my tea.

I had him neutered as soon as possible, not only for the obvious reasons, but because he was an attack kitten.  Obviously, he was from a family that had been feral for generations.  He settled down and slowly began to learn how to mingle with my other cats.  (Mother cats actually teach their kittens life skills and whack them when they get out of hand.)

Hollywood is a one person cat.  He is intensely jealous of my son, who had saved him, and only tolerates other people.  Whatever I'm doing, Hollywood is close by, and he can be a pain in the neck when I'm knitting or crocheting.  But he's loving company and cuddles close in the winter. I enjoy him immensely.

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