Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painting Shells
When I was searching Hobby Lobby for inexpensive objects to paint for outdoor craft shows, I came across these shells.  Ones like this are sold six in a packet with instructions on using them to frame a mirror.  This awakened memories of the shell faced dolls of my childhood, so I bought a couple of packets for my own purposes.  I also picked up a few of the big, more expensive lion's paw shells.  As you can see, shell pictures are attractive - especially to middle school girls.

There are practical uses for them in the adult world, too.  Put one on your dresser to hold hairpins or safety pins; it's a colorful accessory.  In the office, add color and originality to a workspace with a shell for paper clips.  They don't stand alone well, but can be propped up on a shelf to brighten a room.

Shells like this are fun to paint.  You have to draw your image with a Sharpie or similar indelible marker;  pencils won't work.  Acrylic paints do a good job for you here.

And where do I get my image ideas?  This one is a cat version of artist's model Kiki of Montparnasse wearing 19th century clothing.  I got it from a book I inherited from my father.   If you love to draw, build your own inventory of books and scrapbooks to give you inspiration.  Sometimes you can even sell it!

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