Friday, March 23, 2012

A Hand-painted Needle Case
I was fascinated when I found these needle cases on the CreateForLess website.  They are manufactured by Collins, a firm noted for producing things to make your sewing box neater.  I have 12 of these painted in my typical fashion at

These tiny, handmade wooden bottles don't look like much; they're so small you can hold two in your hand comfortably.  I decided to test how well they actually work, so I went to my sewing case and got some needles.  I managed to get 38 mixed sewing and embroidery needles in this little container.  They were quite secure when I put the lid on.  You couldn't use these items for yarn or darning needles, but for sewing and embroidery they could make your life a lot easier.

I paint the items I sell, but you can get the plain ones at CreateForLess in a package that urges you to decorate them for your own friends.  These things are not only whimsical but helpful. 

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