Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Did I Choose a Zazzle Store?
When I plug my Zazzle site into a search engine, I find a number of inquiries in different languages about what kind of experience people have had ordering from Zazzle.  I personally have used three of the major design-and-order-your-own-products sites:  Cafe Press, Zazzle, and VistaPrint.  All have proved satisfactory, but Zazzle is the only one that offers to promote your own store with your own products.

My last use of Zazzle was for the picture above.  I needed a travel mug for my coffee loving son.  A previous ceramic-covered one had broken, and Zazzle offers an all stainless steel travel mug.  It arrived promptly and is seeing frequent use.

When I started my Zazzle store, I discovered they hold their vendors to high standards.  You literally cannot make a product for sale if the picture resolution is fuzzy.  For example, I edited the picture above and changed the resolution so it would work for multiple Zazzle products.  You'll see them in my store within a couple of days.

Zazzle vendors cannot make a number of the more expensive and difficult products, like placemats, table napkins, pillows, or pitchers.  Getting appropriate picture resolution for such items could be quite difficult, and Zazzle wants you to have a good product. 

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