Monday, June 4, 2012

Knitting with Two Different Yarns
Since I've been crocheting with two yarns at once and getting a good effect, I thought: Why not try it with knitting?   I didn't have to hand knitting needles big enough to handle the project I had envisioned, so I decided to test my idea with cotton yarn and my US 9 needles.  Here is the result, a 12" wide by 18" long dish towel.  The texture is very thick and sturdy.  Cotton yarn is a bit stiffer than wool or acrylic; it tends to fight back.  This made the project quite interesting.

I framed the stockinette knit with seed stitching to keep it from rolling up.  This also produces a pleasing effect.  I used one plain ecru ball and one variegated.  A towel like this could dry a lot of dishes!  Warning: you have to keep your wits about you casting off.  It's a bit tricky.

My ultimate goal is to produce an afghan using two acrylic yarns that combine to produce a soothing, subdued color effect.  I plan to do it in panels, alternating between crochet and knit.  

Someday I may learn the more complicated crochet stitches and figure out how to read patterns.  Right now I'm having fun seeing how much I can do with just plain stitching.

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