Thursday, August 2, 2012

Very Slowly Making an Afghan
Let's face it: this isn't a project for summer.  I started in the spring and have been going at my own pace.  Actually, I got the idea when I combined the big Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn (looks like a watermelon!) with Deborah Norville's Chunky Serenity.  I had intended to make a bunch of potholders and tote bags.  Then I saw how the colors worked together in such a varied, subtle way.  No!  Such beauty deserves a larger scope.  I decided to make an afghan - for me.  If somebody else likes it, I might make them one.
For maximum variety with minimal knowledge of patterns, I decided to crochet and knit panels alternately and sew them together.  The panels are 17" to 19" wide, and I decided a full panel should be 60" long.  That's as long as my tape measure is, and a five foot length is enough to provide a cover for the average human.  I don't know yet how many panels I'll make to complete the project.
Of course you'll have noticed Hollywood sitting on the edge of my project.  He has to get involved in anything big.  The really nice thing is that I don't have to worry if he sheds or throws up on it.  ACRYLIC YARN WASHES!  I can have something beautiful and not worry if the cat throws up on it.  Picture me dancing.
Come winter, Hollywood will be under the afghan whenever I have it out.

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