Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Crocheted Tote Bag
Since I haven't yet mastered uploading from Google + after using the creative kit, I've had to make do with the original photo.  I hope you will recognize this as the completed bag made by crocheting two yarns together at once.  It was very easy to make.  I chained 10 to make the bottom and sides, then chained 6 to make the handles.  To get the handles right, I measured the handles on a commercial tote bag.  20" inches, with an extra inch on each side to attach to the bag, seems to do the job.

Naturally, I'll try out the product myself before trying to sell one.  So far, it holds up very well when loaded, though I would not put my car keys in there.  Small items do tend to drop out or get caught in the fabric when you use a US 16 crochet hook.  You also need care in sewing together the pieces.  I tend to have gaps on the horizontal edges of my crocheted work, so I had to be careful not to leave my seam full of holes.  If anyone knows how to solve that problem, please let me know!  I think I'll try my next tote bag using the bulky yarns I've bought.

I am also using the facecloth that was the subject of my last post.  It is proving quite helpful in a somewhat unexpected use. - I know I'm not the only senior in the world who has to contend with dentures.  The adhesive holds much better if you apply it to dry dentures.  I had been looking for a thin, soft cloth that would do the job without immediately stiffening up.  This does the job and is thin enough I can dry all the small spaces.  Make some for your older friends; they'll appreciate it!

I also have ordered some new cotton mixture spring yarns for Peaypatch and will be announcing them shortly.  Please forgive my relatively small inventory, friends; I'm starting on a shoestring!

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