Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cats and Mirrors

Cats and Mirrors
Since I have two mirrors in my bedroom, I get some interesting cat effects.  I'd get more, of course, if the cats would cooperate, but they usually run off or change position when I come up with the camera.
The two in these pictures often sit like this.  They like to be close together and interact with each other frequently.  Nubi, the long-haired black cat in the lower position, is in no way related to top cat Hollywood.  In a way, they are rivals.  In winter, they often play push-paws for a good position on the bed. Both are neutered males.
I especially like the top picture, where you get three images of Hollywood.  I wish I could have gotten a clearer shot, but cats are lousy models
One reason the two are close is that Hollywood has a large semi-bald patch at the base of his spine.  Since he is otherwise in exuberant health and has a filthy temper, I've no desire
to try to get him  into a carrier to see the vet.  He spends much of the winter under the cover, with Nubi curled up on top of him.  Often the boys sit back to back.
Do they know they are the same color, I wonder?  Do they know how fabulous they look together?   

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