Saturday, September 22, 2012

Christmas Projects
This month I've been making and writing about craft projects that would make nice Christmas gifts and could be finished in time for Christmas.  I showed an incomplete version of the top one in an earlier post; this is how it turned out.  Working with embroidery and shapes on felt is something even children can have a part of.  I cut out and dressed the cat lady head shot just like I used to cut out paper dolls.  It is easy to attach these little creations to a tote bag blank.  You can find my hobbies articles with step by step guides at

On, I write careful instructions for people with little craft background who would like to make something.  Here I write about the experience and joy of the thing.
The second item is a handmade hosiery bag, a project I came up with out of desperation.  I had bought a couple of balls of 86% bamboo viscose yarn.  As you can see, it's so beautiful and satiny!  It's also very comfortable to crochet with.  There is only one problem - this yarn must be hand washed and dried flat.  What useful small thing could I make with those limitations?  Finally I remembered a crocheted bag I use for my nylons.  That's the ticket!

Of course, a good hosiery bag needs lining, but I had that covered.  Once I bought a lined skirt that didn't fit and saved it for its beautiful fabric.  That ought to be enough lining for a project no more than 13" long!  (The ball I bought contained only 63 yards; bamboo yarn is expensive.)

I hand hemmed and attached the lining; you don't want a sewing machine anywhere around hand crocheted or knitted products.  This made for a rather convoluted set of instructions, and I had to use Paintbrush for my slideshow:

I included the minor tutorial on buttons because so many people don't understand the difference between types.  When I first learned sewing in seventh grade, I was the only one in the class who sewed the flat button on right. - I read the instructions!
These are just small items and small hobbies, but they can make appreciated gifts. 

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